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4-6 weeks

July 27, 2009

After seeing how many jobs were available in our district I was very excited and hopeful about having a job by now. Those feelings have quickly subsided and been replaced with panic and dread. I received positive feedback during all of the interviews, and most of the interviewers wrote down some great notes during the interview with circles and exclamation points next some key attributes I was bringing. After a week after each interview I gave up on hoping for those schools and thinking about how my day would go if I worked there. I could not imagine why I wasn’t even being called back for final interviews, until now.

I completed my last class in May. One would think a final transcript could be produced within a week after the graduation ceremony. Not so! I had to wait 4-6 weeks to receive my final transcript by mail with my diploma. I thought not a huge deal I have to wait for my test scores anyways which would arrive the same week. Once I had all of my documents in my possession I put them in an envelope and had them mailed out to get my certification. My packet was mailed on a Friday and was received on Monday so I knew bypassing the drive downtown and inevitable waiting in line was a good idea. All of my interviewers knew that I had submitted my packet and I was just waiting on the Department of Education to cash my check and send me my certification. This was two weeks ago, still no certificate. I called to find out my status and when they would be cashing my check. 4-6 weeks! This is ridiculous! Now I know why the schools have not called me back. They can’t even verify that I will receive my certification so I can be hired before school starts. My packet is probably sitting in some file drawer while the DoE catches up on its 4-6 week backlog. I don’t think I should have to pay for this. If this was any other consumer service I wouldn’t pay for this. So now I wait.

I spent a few days feeling really bad and contemplating what we would do if I coudn’t get a job: waitressing, more school, more tests for certification, pharmacy school, driving to the far east for a job. None of these options are ideal so for now I have decided to wait. I am going to spend my time catching up on all of the projects I have wanted to do in the house, playing with the boys while I still can and getting P’s ready for the school transition. If I can’t get a job, then at least I can sub for a while.


Who gives a 7 year old a cell phone?

July 7, 2009

P’s has been having a couple of friends come over during the summer for play dates and sleepovers. Since I am home all day and we don’t have that many plans, when I let her invite someone over I usually plan on her asking if her friend can spend the night. We have gone over phone manners since she started talking to daddy and her grandmas on the phone. Now that I know she uses proper phone ettiquette and her brothers bother her when she is trying to talk on the phone, I let her take the phone into her room to talk. She has earned that small right in the phone battle that I am sure will ensue through her high school days. A cell phone is still a ways off.

One of her friends called yesterday. I don’t let the kids answer the phone unless it is daddy, which they know from the ringtone. The number came up as unknown. I answered, “hello?” Caller responded with a hello, as one might give to a store employee. I did not recognize the voice from the short hello and with the kids jabbering in the kitchen by me I didn’t even realize if it was an adult or a child. I asked hello again after the unnatural pause only to be responded with another ‘hello’ and nothing else. At that point I realized the caller must be one of the P’s friends. The back and forth hello’s would go on forever had I not questioned the identity of the caller; it happened before. It happens every time this friend calls our house, and it is starting to irk me. This little girl is actually a year older than P’s and by now should know proper phone ettiquette. I then gave P’s the phone to talk about the details of their play date. Her friend arrived an hour later to stay for the afternoon and overnight.

As soon as she got here the cell phone came out. I saw it as I passed the girls playing and talking in P’s room. It was like a new toy for the friend complete with games on the phone. Great! P’s has already been asking about having a phone in her room, which will never happen, and now her friend has a cell phone. I know we are only a couple of years out from getting her one, and she is responsible enough to have one, I am not ready for a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds to start calling my phone whenever they please to talk with P’s. I was especially upset to see this friend with a cell phone. She has the worst phone manners and is the most irresponsible of P’s friends. She toted her phone around like it was a doll and not an expensive piece of equipment, letting it fall on the floor and almost be lost under the couch.

I have come up with a few requirements for P’s before she can even think about asking for a cell phone.

1. Use proper phone ettiquette all of the time.

2. Memorize all important phone numbers: mom, dad, police, etc.

3. Always keep our current electronics put away when not in use: wiimotes, dvd players, cd’s, dvd’s, etc.

4. Have a need for a cell phone beyond the desire to call friends or talk to friends on the phone.

I know P’s will be responsible when we do decide it is time for her to have a phone. I am just really irked that her friend’s parents have not instilled a sense of responsibility in their child before getting her a cell phone. It is only one area I have noticed in irresponsible parenting. This particular friend is also quite bossy, invites herself over without asking permission from her parents or being invited, pesters the boys a bit when she should be playing with P’s and already plays mind games like ‘I will not be your friend or I will be mad at you if I have to help clean or I don’t get to use the toy or plate I want.’ I can already tell P’s gets upset and annoyed with her and if they are not in the same class next year we may not see this friend again.

Sleeping Status Update

June 26, 2009

We are nearing the end of week two getting the little Booger to go to sleep in his own room instead of falling asleep on the couch while mommy and daddy watch tv, play the wii or check our e-mail. He is doing really well staying in his bed until he falls asleep. That’s about it though. The boys have shared a bed for probably six months now, which hasn’t been much of a problem. They need their own beds now though. The little Boogie Man will keep his brother awake, laughing, yelling, playing and crawling all over him. It takes him about an hour to finally give up and start to lay down and then fall asleep. I think it’s time to figure out how we will get a new bed for P’s so we can get the bunk together in the boys’ room. The giggling and playing was cute at first, but now it is out of hand and I need them to actually start going to sleep at 8!

All this talk about death

June 26, 2009

P’s just came in the kitchen bawling.

M: “What’s wrong”

P’s: “I don’t want to die” still sobbing

M: “What made you think about that?”

P’s: “They were talking about it and I don’t want to die”

M: “Nobody wants to die, but it is a part of life. The important thing is that we make sure to have fun, learn and be happy with our family and friends everyday” a little chat about what we did today . . .

P’s: “But I don’t want to stop having birthdays and always be the same age forever, and not be able to get the things that I want, or what if I can’t do what I want?”

M: “What are you worried about not getting or not getting to do?”

P’s: “Well I really want a hula hoop”

It’s a good thing she still looked really worried and was crying because I just about busted up laughing. She was worried about not getting a hula hoop. I explained how if it is something she really wants then she can work for it and I will buy it for her, or she can use the money she saves from her birthday or she can ask for it for Christmas or her birthday. She was perfectly fine after that and went back to bed happy.

Right of Passage

June 25, 2009

It is almost inevitabe that every young child will not heed his parents warnings. “Get that out of your mouth before you swallow it!” The it can be almost anything, but most often it is the penny that finds its way down the esophogus to the stomach. Most kids are quite alarmed when it finally happens. Will it ever come out? Is it going to hurt? Do I need to go to the hospital to have it cut out? P’s went through the process when she was younger being on edge until the penny finally emerged.

For a 4 year old boy, already obsessed with farting and burping, the thought process is entirely different. The Little Toad is just about elated at the prospect of having money come out in his poop. This just happened less than an hour ago, and he was already in the bathroom trying to encourage a movement so he could see the penny come out. It is going to be a long next few days.

She’s too cool

June 22, 2009
Pre boy

Pre boy

During our most recent trip to the zoo, Ps has been showing some signs that she is too cool and grown up for some “baby” things. The deal we made when I brought her home her new swimsuit was that she had to wear the shirt that goes over the bikini top unless we are just swimming with family at one of the grandparents houses. Each trip to the zoo or splash park or friends house turns into a struggle because she just wants to wear the bikini top without the shirt over it. Daddy says it is way too small and isn’t too happy with the suit I picked out, but I didn’t feel like paying for all three pieces separately. She was asking for an icee, daddy wanted a frozen lemonade and figured it was about the same so okay, but she still wanted one. I wouldn’t cave to pay another $4 for an icee when they were going to ride the carousel for $2 each too. Ps said she was too old for the carousel and it was for babies so she just wanted an icee. When she saw I wouldn’t budge on the issue she decided to ride anyways. She deliberately sought out a space away from daddy and the boys since she is such a big girl now. She sat on the dolphin all limp and just pouty enough to look cool but not anger mommy, then a boy sat next to her. She smiled, but remained in her too cool demeanor. Daddy turned around at one point in the ride and blew her a kiss. She was so embarrassed and decided to stick her tongue out at him instead of blowing a kiss back as she would easily do at home. After the ride Daddy questioned her on why she wouldn’t blow him a kiss and she said “because there was a boy sitting next to me!” We both laughed, but more on the inside to not hurt her feelings, and she quickly added “I wouldn’t have done it if there was a girl or anyone else sitting there either” but with a much less ‘you completely embarrass me dad’ tone. Post boy

Do you want me to take him now?

June 10, 2009

I have noticed a pattern emerging when we are out walking long distances where at least one of the boys needs to be held or pushed in the stroller for a stretch of time. I know daddy hasn’t developed the stamina for carrying the kids for long periods of time, as well as the hips to distribute their weight. I can manage for quite a while, on the other hand, out of habit and by ignoring my tired arms. The boys are getting pretty heavy now though and things like climbing stairs or walking up steep hills are really difficult with an extra 25 pounds or 70 pounds if they are both in the stroller.

So last night after the ball game we told the kids we could climb the stairs and use the pedestrian bridge over the street, which was completely unnecessary because the street below was closed to traffic. The two big kids were climbing on their own and I was holding the little booger. He was really tired and mostly dead weight. My legs were shaking by the time we got to the top of the stairs. My wonderful husband said “here let me take him for you now” thinking he’s doing me some huge favor. Are you kidding, I am fine now that we are going down. Where were you at the bottom offering to carry him up the stairs. This has become a frequent trend on our excursions. At the zoo I push the boys all the way up the hill then he steps in all hero like at the top of the hill, me tired and legs shaking, and offers to push the boys. It’s a nice gesture, but I can handle easy stretches even after the tough ones.