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Noun: boodle  boo-d(u)l

Merriam Webster defines boodle as bribe money or a large amount, especially of money. Boodles is the nickname my dad had for me when I was little. I’m not sure where or why he came up with it except that maybe just because Becky Boodles sounds neat. Either way I think it is a fitting new name for the blog.

As for nicknames I may use the kids nicknames that I picked out instead of their actual names so here is a rundown along with why I started calling them this. First is the little miss. I call her P’s, not Peas, just P’s. When she was really little I kept calling her little names like sweet pea, pumpkin, pea pod, and other cute names that all started with the letter P. Since I couldn’t stick to just one, I started to just call her P’s. Then the little man came around he was pretty chubby. I always thought he resembled a toad sitting on a log because his head just sat atop his chubby neck. Now I call him my little toad, or just my buddy. The baby is now called boogie or booger. Daddy doesn’t like this nickname at all, but I can’t stop calling him booger. He is a busy little boy and often gets into everything which is one reason I call him booger. He also loves to get down and boogie. His need to get into everything and love of music makes the name boogie perfect for him.

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