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September 15, 2009

Every Monday we have Professional Development after school. All of the kids get out early so we have extra time each week to work on improving our effectiveness as teachers. Sounds like a great idea right? It could be, but it is usually not.

Case in point: Today we had a district mandated day to discuss, I mean learn about active engagement and writing objectives. Hmm. What is this active engagement, and we have to have objectives for our students? Oh yeah I remember it was drilled into my head during almost every graduate course I took to get my degree and certification. So I spent two hours of Professionl Development time filling out charts and worksheets about topics that I just spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn about. Don’t worry that between planning lessons with objectives, calling parents, responding to e-mails, grading 300+ papers every two days and then re-writing my lessons daily to accomodate what we don’t fit in . . . I forgot where I was going, which happens relatively often now. But don’t worry all you taxpayers out there, the schools are using your money to hire a consulting company that teaches, reteaches, all of this information to your teachers. Then the schools must hire additional personnel to be the teachers to the teachers. What a waste of time and money. I can understand if this was new information and teahcers that graduated ten years ago have not received this information, but they targeted new teachers. Now on Wednesday I get paid to be in a class all day to learn about active engagement, yea! because two hours plus 36 graduate class hours were not enough. Again thanks to the taxpayers who help provide my daily long term sub pay and who will pay to have a sub in my class that most likely can’t speak Spanish and won’t know what to do or how to help the students learn. Then on Thursday afternoon I get to go to another meeting for new teachers about something, I don’t know what but if it is active engagement or objectives I am going to have to try really hard not to show my disgust or slam my head down on the desk.

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