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Should I be worried?

September 15, 2009

It is no surprise that the Lil Toad is my most emotional child. I babied him from the get go thinking he would be our last. He also has to contend with being the middle child and having the most health issues. I sympathize with him having allergies and asthma having watched my brother go through it and experiencing them both myself now. Holding down a toddler for breathing treatments and chest x-ray is traumatic enough for anyone looking and I can only imagine what he thought was happening during those unfortunate yet necessary medical treatments.

We have all seen the scowl he so readily puts on and how he was and is still the least likely to warm up to people, especially when he is in a mood. Yet you probably don’t know about his obsession with Halloween. While most kids think of Christmas when you ask them about holidays, he has Halloween on the brain all year long. He also loves watching Tim Burton films. He wants to be Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas this year. Then we got Coraline on DVD. This movie scared and creeped out P’s so much that she still refuses to watch it or even listen to it in the same room as she is. The Lil Toad will take the movie in his room, sit in the dark with a blanket draped over the bunk bed like a fort and sit by himself on the bottom bunk watching this movie. Now I know that it is just his nature to be more solitary than his chipper and crazy brother and sister, but we’re hoping this doesn’t become too extreme.

Then he wrote his first word. He has been learning letters in his new preschool and can write the first five of the alphabet and an additional five from learning his name. The other day while I was getting ready to leave he came into my room.

LT: Mom did you get my note I wrote you?

Me: What note?

LT: Ughh, It’s right here (around the corner in my room where I hadn’t been in over 20 minutes, and he handed me the paper.) I wrote it just for you.


That’s what he wrote. Aside from his name the first compilation of letters he wrote on his own DEAD. I thanked him for his note and gave him a kiss and a hug. He was so proud he wrote a word. I just hope he continues to like his high and tight haircuts and he doesn’t start wearing all black.

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  1. Joey permalink
    September 15, 2009 8:32 pm

    hahah, that’s awesome

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