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Tech adventures

August 4, 2009


I took P’s to see the new Harry Potter movie. DH knew we both really wanted to see it and I hadn’t been to a DBox movie yet. The DBox seats move and vibrate along with the movie, like Star Tours only a thousand times smoother and more accurate. The seats are in a regular stadium style theater and take up two of the best rows for optimum viewing pleasure. On the down side the seats are taller than normal and my feet couldn’t reach the floor so they got really cold and almost fell asleep by the end of the movie. You also can’t put your feet on the chair in front of you because it could lead to an ankle injury. The tickets were $13.50 each, which is better than the $18 DH spent to see Terminator a month ago. I would not pay more than what we spent to see Harry Potter. The seats were really cool and even though I read the book and knew when something would jump out, having the chair vibrate and jostle at the exact moment almost made me scream out loud. I think this would be very cool for a thriller movie, especially for people that like to be scared. The seats also have a sensor control so P’s turned her chair off when she knew the movie was getting to a scary part. She did like the flying, but we will wait a year or two more before she goes again. Harry Potter didn’t have as much action as other movies so the motion portion vs the still portion of the movie was about 40 – 60. DH said Terminator was more the other way around which would be more enjoyable. This is definitely worth trying out.

Down with Cable

For those of you that don’t know we got rid of cable to save some money and justify buying a new computer. So far it is pretty awesome. I am currently laying on the couch and typing this via wireless keybord onto the nice 42″ flat screen on the wall. We have taken full advantage of Hulu, Netflix, Youtube and Boxee for our viewing pleasures. DH can also still order his PayPerView UFC fights on the computer. We still get all the basic Network stations, minus ABC, just by hooking up the cable in the back to catch the digital signal for any live events we want to watch. The biggest downside is no ESPN, Golf channel and other sports games that are only on cable. Not a problem for me just for my DH. I have Hulu already set up to put all of the new shows for the series I watch in my queue, so the DVR has been replaced. The kids can even watch their favorite shows streamed through Netflix or on DVD. We are saving $100 on our bill by eliminating cable and I don’t think we will ever go back, at least not for that much $.

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