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My New Job . . . Sort Of

August 4, 2009

Today I had one of those days that most people would dread that would lead them to punching some customer service rep just to vent the frustration. First off it was 110 degrees today and I really needed to run errands and drive all over town to complete them. Actually it started with one errand: go get my substitute certificate downtown. So I started off around 10 am after DH got home from work and the kids were all settled and lunches premade so he could get some sleep. I have heard that the lines could get pretty long especially with a new school year starting so I prepared myself for a long wait. The line wasn’t too bad, only about 10 people in front of me so I was happy that I could get home early. No go. Apparently when I paid $65 for my fingerprint clearance card a year ago there were two different applications going out. The one I got is no longer accepted, and I was informed I had to get the new one in order to get my certificate. Not only did I need to pay an additional $69 for something I already had to have an extra number on it, but it required me to make two additional stops in government buildings with long lines and masses of people in 100 degree weather. Next stop the bank to get a cashiers check. So I drove 20 minutes back towards home since  I no longer have internet on my phone to check for a closer bank. Yes I could have called 411, but everytime I was on the phone in the car I missed my turn. I did get a nice tour of downtown following the one way streets to get back to my original destination. I decided to make an extra stop to pick up my official transcripts since I would need those later anyways and I was right there. After the bank it was back to downtown to the only police station that does fingerprinting every day. By now I was on my second Starbucks Green Tea and it was 1pm. I walked into the office and was greeted with a waiting room with over 100 people inside, no chairs and one line. I figured my day was over and there would be no way I would make it back before 4:30 to get my certification. Luckily most of the people already went through the intake line, but I heard the info cop tell someone else that there was at least a two hour wait. The girl in front of me in line was all flustered and getting annoyed with the wait wondering why she couldn’t request a police report online. I remained positive enjoying my time with nothing to worry about or any kids to take care of and I figured a smile might help the ladies behind the bullet proof windows feel better about their day. I got to the window and handed my paperwork, cashiers check and additional $6 through the one inch slot (That’s what he said) and was told to wait over there, where 30 other people were waiting. Fabulous. I took out my phone to tweet about the situation and the door opened and my name was called before I could get any testing done. Yippee. I was able to get back to the certification office in time and get my sub certificate, $60, at which time they also pulled my original English certification application and entered that $60 check as well. I still have to wait 2-3 weeks though before they will issue my certification.

Part Two: I decided since I was out, and I would have to turn in my documentation for the job anyway, that I should stop by the district office on the way home. Another line and more waiting. I originally was called for an English Learning position, but the school had someone back out of a Spanish position and wants me to teach that instead. I’m not certified in Spanish yet, haven’t even taken the test, nor have I used my Spanish regularly in two years. So now I must take the $120, three to four hour long test in three weeks, wait another four weeks for my results then go back downtown and pay another $60 for my Spanish certification. Yes I have a Bachelors degree in Spanish with over 30 credit hours of Spanish courses. No this does not seem to be enough to qualify me to teach Spanish. So I will start in the classroom on Monday as a long term sub until I have the rest of my cerification in order at which point I will be offered a full time position and a contract.

Is anyone else confused?

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  1. August 4, 2009 6:03 am

    WOW! That’s all I can say.

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