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4-6 weeks

July 27, 2009

After seeing how many jobs were available in our district I was very excited and hopeful about having a job by now. Those feelings have quickly subsided and been replaced with panic and dread. I received positive feedback during all of the interviews, and most of the interviewers wrote down some great notes during the interview with circles and exclamation points next some key attributes I was bringing. After a week after each interview I gave up on hoping for those schools and thinking about how my day would go if I worked there. I could not imagine why I wasn’t even being called back for final interviews, until now.

I completed my last class in May. One would think a final transcript could be produced within a week after the graduation ceremony. Not so! I had to wait 4-6 weeks to receive my final transcript by mail with my diploma. I thought not a huge deal I have to wait for my test scores anyways which would arrive the same week. Once I had all of my documents in my possession I put them in an envelope and had them mailed out to get my certification. My packet was mailed on a Friday and was received on Monday so I knew bypassing the drive downtown and inevitable waiting in line was a good idea. All of my interviewers knew that I had submitted my packet and I was just waiting on the Department of Education to cash my check and send me my certification. This was two weeks ago, still no certificate. I called to find out my status and when they would be cashing my check. 4-6 weeks! This is ridiculous! Now I know why the schools have not called me back. They can’t even verify that I will receive my certification so I can be hired before school starts. My packet is probably sitting in some file drawer while the DoE catches up on its 4-6 week backlog. I don’t think I should have to pay for this. If this was any other consumer service I wouldn’t pay for this. So now I wait.

I spent a few days feeling really bad and contemplating what we would do if I coudn’t get a job: waitressing, more school, more tests for certification, pharmacy school, driving to the far east for a job. None of these options are ideal so for now I have decided to wait. I am going to spend my time catching up on all of the projects I have wanted to do in the house, playing with the boys while I still can and getting P’s ready for the school transition. If I can’t get a job, then at least I can sub for a while.

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