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All this talk about death

June 26, 2009

P’s just came in the kitchen bawling.

M: “What’s wrong”

P’s: “I don’t want to die” still sobbing

M: “What made you think about that?”

P’s: “They were talking about it and I don’t want to die”

M: “Nobody wants to die, but it is a part of life. The important thing is that we make sure to have fun, learn and be happy with our family and friends everyday” a little chat about what we did today . . .

P’s: “But I don’t want to stop having birthdays and always be the same age forever, and not be able to get the things that I want, or what if I can’t do what I want?”

M: “What are you worried about not getting or not getting to do?”

P’s: “Well I really want a hula hoop”

It’s a good thing she still looked really worried and was crying because I just about busted up laughing. She was worried about not getting a hula hoop. I explained how if it is something she really wants then she can work for it and I will buy it for her, or she can use the money she saves from her birthday or she can ask for it for Christmas or her birthday. She was perfectly fine after that and went back to bed happy.

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