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She’s too cool

June 22, 2009
Pre boy

Pre boy

During our most recent trip to the zoo, Ps has been showing some signs that she is too cool and grown up for some “baby” things. The deal we made when I brought her home her new swimsuit was that she had to wear the shirt that goes over the bikini top unless we are just swimming with family at one of the grandparents houses. Each trip to the zoo or splash park or friends house turns into a struggle because she just wants to wear the bikini top without the shirt over it. Daddy says it is way too small and isn’t too happy with the suit I picked out, but I didn’t feel like paying for all three pieces separately. She was asking for an icee, daddy wanted a frozen lemonade and figured it was about the same so okay, but she still wanted one. I wouldn’t cave to pay another $4 for an icee when they were going to ride the carousel for $2 each too. Ps said she was too old for the carousel and it was for babies so she just wanted an icee. When she saw I wouldn’t budge on the issue she decided to ride anyways. She deliberately sought out a space away from daddy and the boys since she is such a big girl now. She sat on the dolphin all limp and just pouty enough to look cool but not anger mommy, then a boy sat next to her. She smiled, but remained in her too cool demeanor. Daddy turned around at one point in the ride and blew her a kiss. She was so embarrassed and decided to stick her tongue out at him instead of blowing a kiss back as she would easily do at home. After the ride Daddy questioned her on why she wouldn’t blow him a kiss and she said “because there was a boy sitting next to me!” We both laughed, but more on the inside to not hurt her feelings, and she quickly added “I wouldn’t have done it if there was a girl or anyone else sitting there either” but with a much less ‘you completely embarrass me dad’ tone. Post boy

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  1. Bart permalink
    June 23, 2009 1:18 am

    So sad.

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