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Finally Some Free Time!

May 5, 2009

For the last three months I ve pretty much been a slave to my own school work and to the success of a group of 36 juniors in high school. The stacks and stacks of paperwork to be graded and reviewed for meeting of the course of objectives was a preview of what life will be like during the school year. I am so glad I will have the summers off though to spend with the kids at the zoo and hopefully in our own pool when I get hired in August. If you ever want a job that presents new challenges each day become a high school teacher. The raging hormones, risk taking behaviors and challenges to authority will shock you on a daily basis. It will be interesting to see how the leaders of tomorrow’s lives are revealed by their electronic footprint they are currently leaving on MySpace and other social networking sites. This week I am done with grading and instructing. I will be in class for two more days while the students are silently working on their writing finals. Oh the joy of knowing I do not have to grade these this year; 26 research papers were enough.

I will be completing my final seminar class on May 23rd. I only have one more writing portion of my ridiculous 80+ page teacher work sample and some scanning to do.  I will then receive a nice piece of paper stating my qualifications, then I take two more 3 hour tests in June in order to get my certification.

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